APBF 2020

The Asia-Pacific Business Forum has been held annually since 2004. APBF 2020 will be held virtually on 30 October 2020 in cooperation with the ESCAP Sustainable Business Network (ESBN). The Forum is expected to witness the participation of 300-500 multi-stakeholders, in particular governments, business, civil society and academics from all over the region to foster dialogue and identify innovative solutions and recommendations to address the challenges and utilize the opportunities for business, in particular SMEs, to recover from the Covid-19 induced crisis and global trade tensions, restore global trade and investment links through GVCs, while at the same time emphasize the need for sustainability in a changing world.

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Asia-Pacific Business Forum 2020 - all plenary sessions and breakouts 1 & 3

Asia-Pacific Business Forum 2020 - breakout 2 & 4